Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cape Cod


Rocks Glass, Ice to the top, Vodka, Cranberry to fill, Lime wedge. 


Cape Cod.


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Dai Qui Ri

Daiquiri's are a chill drink for a hot day. Made from daiquiri mix (Strawberry or Lime) blended ice, Rum, a sugar rim, and a splash of sour (lime or your own substitute), this drink will make you feel like you're sitting on a tropical beach. When you make your daiquiri's, try to blend it for as long as possible, this will ensure it's nice and thick and smooth to drink. 

Having your ratios right is really important for this drink; you reall wont want your daiquiri's to be too watery, so measure your drink in your glass before throwing it into the blender. And feel free to throw some fruit in the blender, perhaps some pineapple or banana, to add a more organic and tropical taste to it. If you feel a little more adventurous, add some Galliano (banana flavour) or Malibu Rum (coconut).

Now to get the sugar rim is a very simple process. Throw some sugar into a saucer, then moisten the rim of your empty daiquiri glass (ideally a poco-grande) with a lime wedge or a slice of strawberry or even just water. Then dip the moistened rim into the sugar untill you get your desired rim. Eh Voila! 


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloody Caesar Rebellion

Finding a good Bloody Caesar isn't so difficult in Toronto, but finding one that is more than just your typical Worcestershire, lime, salt, pepper, and celery caesar is more challenging. You'd probably be best off making one for yourself. When you find yourself in the mood for an indie caesar, try a few of the following ingredients. The possibilities are endless.

Pickle Juice
Bacon strips (Garnish)
Cucumber/vegetable infused Gin
Jalepeno Peppers

If you find an amazing combination or if you have
any other indie ingredients, let me know about
them by posting a comment.


Photo Compliments of lulife


Manhattan Megalomania

What's more indie than something that's a little retro? Hence an ode to the Manhattan. This understated drink has stood the test of time. It's a man's drink, something that was good enough for your dad, if your dad had class that is. This drink transcends white collar and blue collar dichotomies and has stood the test of time. The simple mixture of whiskey (bourbon to make it indie), sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters and garnished by a single cherry is not only great tasting and smooth to drink, but it is also a statement of who you are. Smooth and slightly smokey, a modicum of mystery, not simple yet it is straight forward. Complex: yes. Convoluted, it is not.

This classic and masculine drink isn't for young strapping studs who would prefer shooters and beer, or slimy old sedentary drunks drinking swill. The Manhattan is a drink for gentlemen who know how to appreciate the finer things in life. The Manhattan is poetry, a metaphor for meditation; the drink shows that you appreciate and can find beauty that is clandestine and concealed: complex and complicated.


Night out Negroni's

I have yet to try a good negroni. It's elegant in appearance but harsh in the pallet. It's like being hit in the mouth with a fistful of feet. Composed of an ounce each of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari then garnished with an orange and a splash of bitters, this pungent potion tastes horrible and invokes memories of Buckley's cough syrup commercials, "Tastes bad, works GOOD!" However, those who do enjoy the drink swear by it, so I'll just assume I haven't had one indie style yet. When ordering this retro drink, if your server looks at you sideways and needs to ask around to find out the recipe, change your order to a rum and coke.

Summer's Pleasures: Smith and Kerns

For those men who enjoy a sweet drink, try the Smith and Kerns, or even better, it's bastard brother the Smith and Wesson. The Smith and Kerns is layered first with Kahlua, then followed by light cream, and topped off with Pepsi or Coke. The Smith and Wesson adds a shot of Vodka to the mix. Your final results is a layered popsicle looking drink with a masculine enough name as to not feel embarrassed in front of your business partners.