Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rusty Nay-sayers

There are so many haters out there trying to bash alcohol consumption.

But the truth is that alcohol in moderation can be good for you. Here's the coles notes of the benefits of a drink a day.

Dementia: reduced in drinkers. (This will help you remember which drink you're on)
Gallstones: risk is reduced by 50%. (Helps if you're into pub food)
Heart Health: less chance of dying from heart attacks or hear disease! (For those who have a wife, and or kids)
Ischemic Stroke: Careful, this one is a fine line, drinking moderately reduces risk but heavy drinking will offset and may increase your risk of Ischemic stroke.
Type 2 Diabetes: Same goes for this, moderate good, excess baaad. (If you see yourself developing a beer belly, you're probably drinking excess)
Vascular Benefits: I think this means breathing benefits, so smokers have a drink with that cancer stick.
General Health: I gotta feeling, that tonight is going to be a good night!

For the more "technical" article, click here.

By the way, when you indulge in your moderate consumption of alcohol, don't do it before bed. Alcohol can help put you to sleep, but research shows that your quality of sleep will be diminished.

To all those alcohol bashers or nay-sayers, I toast my Rusty Nayl to you!

1 part of Good Laddie Scotch (not actually a brand)
1 part of Drambuie (mint with a slight bit of whiskey nose)

For more information on Scotland's famous liqueur (fit for a prince) check out this review (or just go to their webpage)


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